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listen songs with a simple melody or tune, that feel effortlessly but beautifully created.

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a mix inspired by the fumes of hell, the barks of hellhounds, the feeling that the devil is after you, the sinful thoughts; oh, we should really stop romanticizing demons. [listen]

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gods die. | an american gods playlist

introduction | i am a god by kanye west

side a | old gods

holy dread! by clint mansell, fortunate son by credence clearwater revival, night on bald mountain by leopold stokowski, the promised land by bruce springsteen, calypso by hans zimmer, immigrant song by trent renzor and atticus ross feat. karen o, requiem for a dream by clint mansell, ride of the valkyries by richard wagner, to jotunheim by patrick doyle, the lannisters send their regards by ramin djawadi

side b | new gods

derezzed by daft punk, start by frank ocean, tales of the future by vangelis, welcome to the machine by pink floyd, sabotage by the beastie boys, jaeger tech by ramin djawadi, radioactive by imagine dragons, neon bible by arcade fire, electioneering by radiohead, technologic by daft punk

conclusion | wise man by frank ocean

spotify | 8tracks

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"Patroclus isn’t a fool. He knows that he is less than Achilles even in this. Humbled by the intensity of Achilles’ love he loves him back with all his large, though lesser, heart."

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ANSWER TO YOUR FEARS / an inception horror mix


There’s nothing to be afraid of. They were right; it’s painless, it’s good. Come. Sleep.


prelude - the decemberists / earth died screaming - tom waits / nature boy - david bowie / there is no light - wildbirds & peacedrums / omnipotent - sorne / monster (karetus remix) - kanye west / in the hall of the mountain king - trent reznor / le disko - shiny toy guns / smokey taboo - cocorosie / psyche (flash treatment) - massive attack / sweet dreams are made of seven - dj poly / kid a - radiohead / nighttime and morning - metallic falcons / o children - nick cave / we can’t stop - lux laterna / young liars - tv on the radio



in collaboration with velificantes

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